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Stephen Campisi, CFA is Managing Director of The Pensar Group. He provides consulting services to investment management firms and to institutional pension and philanthropic clients. His complementary responsibility is developing professional continuing education for investment practitioners though online courses and customized in-house solutions.


He has a long record of success in client-centered investment management, innovation and mentoring. His attitude of service to asset owners was the inspiration for his development of innovative methods of risk management, asset allocation, investment selection and goals-based performance evaluation. His numerous publications have helped to advance the body of investment knowledge and his frequent conference appearances reflect his recognition as an industry expert.


His most recent corporate position was as Head of Institutional Investment Guidance at US Trust/Bank of America, where his ideas reshaped the firm’s approach to investment management, helping them to establish their position of leadership in true goals-based, client-centered investing. For over two decades, he has served as a discretionary portfolio manager for pensions, endowments and foundations, as well as for insurance company bond portfolios.


Steve holds a Masters degree in Music and an MBA in Finance, along with the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation.

He has over a decade of teaching experience as an adjunct faculty member in the MBA program at Western New England University, and teaching CFA Review classes for the CFA Society of Hartford and for several commercial providers.


He is a past president of the CFA Society of Hartford and a member of the CFA Institute. With his most recent article “Portfolio Management via a Holistic and Efficiency-Driven Decision Process” Steve won his third Peter Dietz Award from the Institute for Performance and Risk Management, which recently inducted him into their Hall of Fame.

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